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Association joins the work of the Public Chamber of Russia to protect the market from counterfeits

The founder of the Association of Importers of Cosmetological, Cosmetic and Medical Products (AIKKMP) Maxim Ivlev spoke at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation at a round table on the topic "Safety and quality of medical services. Registration, labeling and problems of circulation of unregistered medical devices", which took place on January 30, 2024.
Within the framework of the round table, which was attended by members of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, representatives of ministries and departments of the health sector, deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, members of the Council of the Federation, FMBA of Russia, regional executive and legislative authorities, medical, scientific and public organizations, the procedure for registration of medical devices, a comprehensive service for bringing medical devices to the market "One window", the experience of federal state control (supervision) of the quality and safety of medical activities, federal state control (supervision) of the circulation of medicines, medical devices and methods of combating falsified, substandard, unregistered drugs were considered.
Maxim Ivlev presented at the meeting the Telegram-bot @med_inspector_bot — a joint development of the Association (AIKKMP) with the All-Russian Scientific Research and Testing Institute of Medical Engineering of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Health Care (VNIIMT), designed to help both the professional industry and the ordinary consumer of cosmetological products to verify the authenticity of medical devices and report on counterfeits or fakes to the Roszdravnadzor of Russia. "Med inspector" has already presented impressive statistics on appeals and thanks to the bot many patients and customers were able to find out the authenticity of cosmetological preparations.
The founder of the Association (AIKKMP) also spoke with an overview of the trends existing in the market of imported cosmetic and cosmetological products, and constructively conducted work with Roszdravnadzor, expressed, among other things, in simplifying the registration of medical devices thanks to the principle of "One window" and professional support of experts of the organization.

For reference:
The Association of Importers of Cosmetology, Cosmetic and Medical Products (AICCMP) https://aikkmp.com/ was established in 2023 to protect the interests of all participants of the aesthetic medicine market, to assist in creating favorable conditions for business and professional activities, and to protect the Russian market from the penetration of low-quality products. The association is open to manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, biologically active supplements, aesthetic medicine products, cosmetic products; importers and distributors; controlling, regulatory and executive authorities of the Russian Federation; clinical and research laboratories.